Vaginal Laser Treatment and vaginal atrophy, menopause and other symptoms.

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Vaginal atrophy, also known as atrophic vaginitis, occurs most often after menopause when women experience a drop in oestrogen production and the walls of the vagina become subsequently thinner, dry and inflamed.

During menopause, the cells in the mucose membrane in the vagina are less active and can’t produce as much collagen which keeps the walls of the vagina hydrated and nourished, so they become fragile and prone to infection.

Sometimes, we as a doctors might recommend vaginal moisturisers, estrogen creams and tablets, as well as water based lubricants during sex (since sex can become painful as the vagina is less able to self-lubricate).

But a  new treatment is now available to treat all these symptoms.  MonaLisa Touch is the Gold standard fractional CO2 laser technology treatment during which a small probe is inserted into the vagina, laser energy are released as tiny pillars from the probe and aimed at the inside wall of the vagina.

The laser then pulses for less than a tenth of a second and removes a tiny bit of tissue, creating a pinhole with the diameter of a human hair. This stimulates the body which then grows new healthy tissue, wich reflects in thicker epithelium and shedding numerous big cells from the free surface, together with the larger diameter of epiteliar cells rich in glycogen, demonstrating the restored metabolic trophism and dynamics of the whole epithelium.

The only post-treatment instruction is to avoid sexual or strenuous activity for five days. It takes 10 to 15 minutes for each of the three treatments which are spaced six weeks apart. A “top-up” treatment is needed once a year.

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