Sexual health, a proven treatment for women’s

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A lot of females patients are experiencing sexual dysfunction. Frequently pain with intercourse and vaginal atrophy, which usually result from decreased estrogen. Usually the symptoms occur with age, early menopause, chemotherapy or when they smoke.

A decrease in estrogen can lead to a decrease in collagen, elastic tissue and blood vessels, and these in turn cause the vaginal tissue to become thin, tender or easily torn during sex. Other symptoms can include irritation, burning, itching and urinary leakage or urinary urgency. All of these can lead to difficulty achieving orgasm and a decrease in sex drive.

About 70% of postmenopausal women will experience these symptoms. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you have to know we can help. Some can occur as a result of other underlying conditions, such as lichen sclerosis or abnormal vulvar cells (that could, if left untreated, lead to cancer). Every teatment needs to be tailored to the cause of your discomfort.

One extremely effective treatment now available is a CO2 laser called MonaLisa Touch. Many women have heard of CO2 laser for the face or other parts of the body to help with signs of aging. For the more sensitive area of the vagina, treatment with MonaLisa Touch causes the body to use its own healing response to improve the feeling and appearance of vaginal tissue. It’s done in the office without any cutting or hormones. Typically, patients experience minimal or no discomfort during the treatment. It takes about five to seven minutes and is done in a series of three treatments, six weeks apart.

The CO2 laser treatment can help the vaginal tissue improve moisture, elasticity and build new collagen, and blood vessels. Some women have also experienced a decrease in urinary tract infections and urinary urgency and incontinence.